Thursday, 11 February 2016

Why I picked...

I picked the 'benefits of a positive attitude' to be my theme because I think that it is a bright topic, which I like. I also feel that it is an important topic that we all should know about. It is important because it helps us perform better at all activities and sports. Research tells us that having a positive attitude can even help you live longer. There are so many positives about having a good attitude. I think all of us should work harder at being being as positive as we can. There so many good thing about having a positive attitude but the main thing is it just makes you feel better in general which can help with lots of things including anxiety and depression.
Having a positive attitude doesn't just make you feel better it also makes the people around you happier and more positive which creates a really nice atmosphere to be in.
To sum this all up I think that everybody should be the best version of themselves by having a positive attitude.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016